An Overview of the Arizona Department of Transportation’s Traffic Safety Section

Posted on February 14, 2013


The Traffic Safety Section (TSS) of the Arizona Department of Transportation identifies and recommends improvements and solutions to state highway traffic problems. The government agency accomplishes this by studying the frequency and severity of accidents at specific locations and suggesting countermeasures to prevent such accidents. The TSS also provides general expertise in traffic-related issues and supports an Arizona statewide safety management system.

TSS utilizes a number of tools and techniques to achieve its overarching goals. For example, the organization contributes to the Arizona Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP), which provides a comprehensive highway safety strategy, based on data-driven collaboration among Arizona agencies and safety partners. The TSS also helps to update the Arizona Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP), which draws from the SHSP to make Arizona roads safer, as well as conducting the Road Safety Audits (RSA) program. The RSA program assesses user safety on both existing and planned roads.

About the Author:

Civil and traffic engineer Seth Chalmers has successfully headed up many roadway and highway improvement and development projects for government agencies and other clients. Seth Chalmers recently accepted a new position with the Pima County Department of Transportation as Manager of its Traffic Engineering Division in Tucson, Arizona. He will leave his role as President of Chalmers Engineering Services, Inc., where he worked with the Arizona Department of Transportation Traffic Safety Section on a number of studies to evaluate instances of crashes on Arizona roads and to create crash mitigation strategies.

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