The Arizona Department of Transportation’s Intermodal Transportation Division by Seth Chalmers

Posted on September 21, 2012


The Arizona Department of Transportation was created in 1974 following the merging of the Arizona Highway Department and the Arizona Department of Aeronautics. Today, this government organization oversees more than 6,000 miles of freeways, highways, and roads throughout the state. As part of its mission, the Arizona Department of Transportation designs new roads, repairs existing ones, and provides capital to airport development programs.

To fulfill this responsibility, the agency developed the Intermodal Transportation Division, which manages 10 engineering districts. One of the main ways in which this body accomplishes its goals is through the priority programming process, which encourages public participation. After gathering the opinions of Arizona citizens and scientific bodies, the Intermodal Transportation Division creates a Five-Year Transportation Facilities Construction Program for Highways and Airports that outlines its plans for improving the state’s infrastructure.

About the Author:

For the past decade, Seth Chalmers has dedicated himself to Chalmers Engineering Services, Inc., his engineering consultancy based in Tempe, Arizona. The Arizona Department of Transportation’s Intermodal Transportation Division has hired his firm to train its staff in roadway lighting, traffic signals, retroreflectivity, and other subjects.

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